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Trousdale County Officials and Local Citizens Endorse Bill Fergusson as Mayor of Trousdale County!

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Election 2022: Vote August 5th for Bill Fergusson! Early Voting begins Friday, July 15th 2022

"He understands the job in a unique way. He knows how and why we are where we are. But more importantly he has vision. He has a clear vision of where we can be, where we will need to be in the future, and how to accomplish his goals for our growing community...William “Bill” Ferguson should be the next mayor of Trousdale County."

“He’s a good ole, home town boy – Bill is just a good guy, and you can trust him to get the job done. He and I grew up in Willard, I have know Bill and his family for a long time and he is a staple in our community. He even coached my son in pee wee football. It would take a while to mention all the accolades for Bill, but in my opinion, he’s one you can hang your hat on!”

- Anthony Crook

8th & 4th District Trousdale County School Board.

“I have served with Bill on the county Commission for 8 years and can say he is very experienced and will do a excellent job if elected.”

- Richard Harsh

Trousdale County Commissioner: 6th District

"I have been asked numerous times why I would endorse Bill Fergusson for mayor over the other two candidates. I must admit that is a serious question that demands a thoughtful but direct answer.

Knowing all three candidates very well personally, I weighed their strong points and weaknesses in my mind for quite some time. My decision does not diminish my love and respect for the others.

My conclusion for a myriad of reasons is hands down William “Bill” Fergusson. He has shown tremendous leadership while serving on the commission. Having served as Chairman of many important committees he has an amazing ability to bring people together. His thoughtful and measured demeanor have both brought keen insight into complicated discussions on numerous occasions. Time and time again he was the one that would ask the hard questions, the needed and necessary questions, that most simply would not dare ask. Not just the question, but also would propose a reasonable solution to the matter at hand. This strength of leadership and character has served our citizens well.

Having grown up the son of the best County Executive (Mayor) I have ever had the opportunity to serve under, he understands the job in a unique way. He knows how and why we are where we are. But more importantly he has vision. He has a clear vision of where we can be, where we will need to be in the future, and how to accomplish his goals for our growing community. That was job one in my mind.

Too many times past we have simply elected the good ole boy to this position and have been quickly disappointed. Some may be “book smart” but no ability to communicate and make decisions. Let’s not make that mistake again, the choices are clear. If you honestly take time to look at the qualifications, leadership, management experience, demeanor, and vision, I feel confident you will come to the same conclusion I have. William “Bill” Ferguson should be the next mayor of Trousdale County."

- Dwight A. Jewell

Chairman: Trousdale County Commission

"Bill Fergusson is the clear choice for Mayor of Trousdale County.

As a County Commissioner for 16 years, Pro Tempore of the County Commission for 8 years, Chairman of multiple committees, a small business owner, and an educator, Bill brings the needed experience as a proven and prudent leader capable of making the hard decisions.

Bill has a vision of progress for Trousdale County. He understands the need for controlled growth and of the infrastructure needed to make the wisest choices for the community and all of us that live here.

Most importantly, Bill knows how to bring people together and bridge divisions.

I have known Bill Fergusson all of my life and I know Bill with his proven brand of leadership is the right man for Mayor of Trousdale County."

- Rachel Jones

Trousdale County Commissioner: 9th District

“Bill is such an awesome man – you don’t find others as nice as Bill, and with a word you can count on. For Bill though, I know first hand, when he tells you he’s gonna do something, he is there. After my husband passed, Bill has been there with a helping hand ever since. And he has gathered his friends to join him.

It brings me to tears sometimes when you actually come across someone who cares, and I am blessed to have him as a friend. He is a man of his word, and that means a lot. “

- Helen Rankins

“Bill is not one for knee-jerk or a snappy irrational conclusion. He always researches the topic and seeks out a variety of results in his assessments. He often seems to talk with others prior to any final thoughts, so that he can always make well-informed decisions.”

- Gary Walsh

Trousdale County Commissioner: 3rd District

“I worked with Bill for 4 years on the county commission from 2014 – 2018. We served on several committees together, including the committee on personnel actions. His committee leadership raised many recommendations and the Commission passed many of his initiatives. He provides a very good work experience, and his constituents have re-elected him numerous times. Bill is easy to work with, his work is of a very good quality, and I believe his experience on the Commission provides great qualifications for Mayor.”

- Jim Falco

Former Trousdale County Commissioner

“I have been working w Bill for the past 8 years, and I think he’s a very level-headed, knowledgeable, and very experienced candidate. He has served on most of the committees in our local government and makes solid decisions. I served with his father too. The next 4 years are going to be very important to the county and we need a good level-headed candidate like Bill. He is just an all around good man.”

- Jerry Ford

Trousdale County Commissioner: 3rd District

Wanna talk about a guy that actually cares about the people of Trousdale County...Bill Fergusson is your guy! So glad to have spent the morning talking with Bill at our home about our concerns and him taking the time to come visit with us! Vote Bill Fergusson FOR MAYOR! THANKS AGAIN, BILL! We appreciate you!

- Becky Jane Johnson

I have served on the commission with Bill and I know him to be a consummate professional.

Bill is a 4 term (16 year) commissioner. He as severed and chaired most all of the sub committees. Bill’s perseverance, and dedication to the citizens of Trousdale County is more than evident.

Bill Ferguson is the most experienced and qualified candidate.

- Lonnie Taylor

Trousdale County Commissioner: 4th District

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