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Hartsville Vidette - Commissioners look for ways to provide services to veterans

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

By Chris Gregory Managing Editor: Nov 18, 2021

(< MORE) “If we’re going to be paying out money, I’d like to pay it to someone in our county who knows our people,” Chairman Dwight Jewell said. “This may be a good alternative but I wish we could look at this whole issue and see what needs we’re going to have.”

“Have we talked to our local veterans about their thoughts?” added Bill Fergusson.

“Somebody in the county’s got to know the people better and understand them,” Jerry Ford said.

Ultimately, committee members voted to recommend that the full County Commission set up a subcommittee to examine the needs of local veterans and whether it would be better to contract out that office.

“I want to reach out to our community first and exhaust options here first,” Fergusson said. (MORE >)

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