An Outsider Looking In

I'm not a politician, but you and I sure have to trust our votes to those that are!

Did anyone else watch the Candidate's Forum for Mayor?

I was able to watch, and from an outside perspective looking in, it all seemed rather clear as the choice for Trousdale County's new Mayor. In my humble opinion, all three seem to be kind and distinguished gentlemen, and I'm sure all three are very good at some of their chosen trades and hobbies in life.

But for the job of Mayor and the County leadership at stake, the best choice is Bill Fergusson . And from the Candidates Forum in review, here’s why:

Jack McCall: Seems like his system of leadership would be to fire up another hit and everything will be okay. Jack in my opinion really didn’t have much to offer in substance and tangible approach to leadership. Instead just kinda floating around and ya know, maybe it will all just work itself out. It seemed to me that he was not really in tune with what’s going on and the hard decisions required of the position he seeks from the voters. Stephen Chambers: A very happy-go-lucky guy that seems to have stumbled into the current office of Mayor, and learned a lot of fancy terms and things to say about working in a government job. Terms and work I would assume that have been taught to him by the Commission, opposed to his own expertise. Unfortunately, Chambers doesn't seem to offer much vision, understanding, or planning for the real-world situations encountered, nor any solid foundation to stand on when it comes time to take everyone's livelihood into his own hands. Bill Fergusson: Seemed to be the one with his feet on the ground and working in reality where the rubber hits the road. Bill seemed to offer solutions in his answers and seemed to have the hands-on expertise and background for true leadership and movement ahead into the future. As the only one really displaying any qualifications in leadership required for Trousdale County, he not only had the facts, the figures, the knowledge, the relationships and the real world experience to back up his notions, he also has the history, the compassion and the care for his community, protecting the livelihood of his fellow neighbors and vision for their futures. Of the three candidates, my vote would be for Bill Fergusson to represent me and my home, my community, my money and my well being for the betterment of Trousdale County, present and future.

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