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Experienced Leadership to tackle the issues that matter to my fellow Trousdale Countians.
"I come from a proud Trousdale family that has been involved with public service for as long as I can remember. I want to work for you. We need to prepare for future growth coming our way, and how to better utilize our citizen's tax dollars. We need to do more than just continue skating by at the bare minimum as we are now. I intend to do more. We need to 'correctly' navigate the challenges before us in the next four years. With fifteen years of EXPERIENCED LEADERSHIP in Trousdale government, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate the county's governmental agencies, and get things done. I will work for a positive Trousdale and I'd like your vote!"   ~ Bill Fergusson
Horse Ranch


My #1 priority as your new Mayor will be 'positive growth' for Trousdale County. Whether we like it or not, that growth is coming, and we will have to be prepared. 38 – 40% of our population are land owners and farmers. As properties are sold and subdivided however, our landscape is changing. What used to be a farmhouse on multiple acres could become $350,000 houses on a plot.

Again, whether we like it or not, we are the 3rd hottest market in the US – the people are coming – and we need a new Mayor to help us adjust. I'd like to put my many years of government and leadership experience to work for you, managing not only the exponential growth, but also the economics involved in doing so.

According to Zillow, our 37074 zip code has increased over 22% in land values. As a farmer and fellow property owner myself, what I ask of the public, I ask of myself too.

Please contact me to chat further about the growth of Trousdale and the new challenges that come with it.


I want to be in communications with our citizens, I want to help in providing understanding and clarity, and I want to help others see the affects and influences of our local government. 

With my current years of experience working with the Commission, I feel I am the best candidate to continue the same path, working WITH our elected officials, to best make the sometimes tough decisions needed. 

We have allowances and sometimes limitations on what we can and cannot do. On the other hand we also have freedoms and great opportunities to make decisions, and experience the consequences thereof. It is my goal to include the voters and the taxpayers of Trousdale County in process and our determinations. For example, I wish to expand the media / video presence to all county department meetings. We do not currently provide full coverage and as your next Mayor, I fully intend to expand and utilize more video access.  

And more, let's start today! Please contact me to discuss more about the future of Trousdale County. 

Broadcast Video Camera
Image by Larry Farr


We have important decisions ahead for a new jail/correctional facility, now mandated by the state, for Trousdale County. Current proposals, I believe, are too much of a burden on our citizen's tax dollars and the required tax hikes to pay for the institution. 

As Mayor, I will work to meet the requirements of the state, while steering us in a direction of what we can afford with the mindset of future expansion as we grow. That may mean a new Jail at first with the overall goal of a criminal justice complex as we can afford it.


I will always consider the interests and the pocketbook of Trousdale county taxpayers. Please contact me for more information about our requirements and my plans for the new jail. 

Classroom Lecture


With two graduates and a current sophomore in our school system, and as a former educator myself, I am very proud of Trousdale schools, and plan even more opportunities for the future! 

Worker with Yellow Helmet


With a growing community we also need better and wider roads, new utilities run, improved groundwork and substructures, city water reach, and all the new jobs that come along with all the work required.

Image by Constante Lim


We need to make sure our  Fire, Sheriff and EMS services are properly addressed, equipped and respected for the work they do and the services they provide taking care of us all, on a daily basis. 

Image by pranav panchal


We have a beautiful and stoic river running through our county, with our plans for beautification and development sitting dormant; missed opportunities for parks, activities, attractions, revenue and more.

Image by Gregory Hayes


It matters to me that our tax dollars are spent and diversified to support multiple projects for positive improvements, instead of just one or two grand expenditures serving limited purposes.

Government Building


Trousdale citizens should have access and understanding of what local government can and cannot limit, and what regulations are specified by zoning requirements, local and state mandates. 

Recieving Flowers

Community Center

Like most other counties already have, we need a central, community-based location for events, gatherings, health and wellness and more.

Image by Mackenzie Marco


We cannot continue always asking the people to pay more taxes! We need to create alternate forms of revenue to support the growth and improvements of Trousdale county.

Image by Janine Robinson

Election Cycle

I would like to divide our election cycle from electing all 20 commissioners at once, to mid term elections of 10 every two years, so we have proper representation and fairness in real time assessment.

We obviously have much more to consider as well, and I invite you to share your own thoughts, concerns and goals for Trousdale County, please contact me.
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